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You will see the ebots evolve the more people wake up. I also believe the ebots will eventually be re-purposed to propagate news. Have you seen the pattern? Everything sacred and precious to Him, and abused and descrated it. July Shortly after, Podesta emails drop and Anons spot the odd lingo.

Within PGate there was MSM backlash and false flagging, the CF infrastructure revealing itself to be a massive and indomitable rock that could only be chipped away with Anon resilience. Soon the facade erected to hide this Human Trafficking infrastructure eroded with Trump's MAGA policy shining a light on the darker realities of seemingly ideological differences that've been carefully curated so as to never be identified without derision as a fruitless and imagined conspiracy theory.

MSM Alt Press like AJ and Jerome Corsi and other random bloggers muddy the linear maps Anons pieced together by mixing up Persons, Symbols and Events in order to lend credence that this is another kooky conspiracy theory. Q being in control has given us infinite power that can't be Quelle d: coincidences are actually "No" coincidences. Now, then, whenever. When we got rid of free money with the FED, the black market was born.

Industrial heavyweights indulging the fruit of the people as they redefined the people's minds, the people's property and the people's reality, by disagreeing over simple ideological issues that could rationalize academia indoctrinating children into socialization programs that makes the population unable to be technologically autonomous and spiritually free. This is what Soros represents: the Old Guard's analog shepherding of Children. They die. Age is just a number, as a Child's unable to defend themselves.

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How many people without basic tech and a rational grasp on reality today? We, the People. Hoover and Dulles knew about him. Their coincidences created slaves in the past that wanted death to come as soon as possible; people gave everything up for the greater good they couldnt see, because they were told they were incapable of livinng and expediencing the real world.

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Life after death, that was freedom. Now we are here, and we have Truth. Truth is Logic. Logic is Freedom. There are no coincidences. France terror attack Quelle d the yellow vest protests and coverage, and now the terror suspect is killed during the CF hearings on Capitol Hill.

At the same time, you also have many bomb threats being simultaneously called in to targets throughout the US. What a coincidence! Now the nightly news has several big news stories to cover while ignoring CF. Well played again , Deep State.

PDF Lukas und die gestohlene Weihnacht (German Edition)

Over to you Josh. Top Secret info. Q - is a gospel of Q that was removed from the Bible that: The Q source also Q document, Q Gospel, or Q from German: Quelle , meaning "source" is a hypothetical written collection of primarily Jesus' sayings logia. Earliest Gospel? Thank You Mr. Quelle as an original source gospel is legit. Lord's Prayer Change Q! Future proves past. Why was the Lord's prayer posted? Which version? Why is this relevant?

What just came out re: the Lord's prayer? What can be connected? Do you believe in coincidences? Re-review the map post relevant news drops.

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Godfather III. Thy kingdom come. Q TO In biblical criticism, the prayer's absence in the Gospel of Mark together with its occurrence in Matthew and Luke has caused scholars who accept the two-source hypothesis against other document hypotheses to conclude that it is probably a logion original to Q. For centuries, biblical scholars followed the Augustinian hypothesis: that the Gospel of Matthew was the first to be written, Mark used Matthew in the writing of his, and Luke followed both Matthew and Mark in his the Gospel of John is quite different from the other three, which because of their similarity are called the Synoptic Gospels.

Nineteenth-century New Testament scholars who rejected Matthew's priority in favor of Markan priority speculated that Matthew's and Luke's authors drew the material they have in common with the Gospel of Mark from Mark's Gospel. But Matthew and Luke also share large sections of text not found in Mark.

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In pagan contexts, the principal meaning was "oracles", while Jewish and Christian writings used logia in reference especially to "the divinely inspired Scriptures". A famous and much-debated occurrence of the term is in the account by Papias of Hierapolis on the origins of the canonical Gospels. Since the 19th century, New Testament scholarship has tended to reserve the term logion for a divine saying, especially one spoken by Jesus, in contrast to narrative, and to call a collection of such sayings, as exemplified by the Gospel of Thomas, logia.

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For he neither heard the Lord nor accompanied him, but later, as I said, Peter, who used to give his teachings in the form of chreiai, but had no intention of providing an ordered arrangement of the logia of the Lord. Consequently Mark did nothing wrong when he wrote down some individual items just as he related them from memory. For he made it his one concern not to omit anything he had heard or to falsify anything.

Are you Ready to be Proper Q'ed? Vote for Charlie baker then he can be arrested and Jim Polito's sister can step up and she'll be thrilled to do exactly what patriots want.

You will never guess who you've been talking to on here. Quelle - Q Imagine if it's actually Jesus? They talk about evil being real, so why can't the light? I'm bored at work and was daydreaming and thought to look up Q in the bible. Q Why was the Lord's prayer posted? Paris-area ambulance crews and emergency personnel have taken part in regular exercises designed to test their readiness for possible attacks. One such exercise was held on Friday morning, the day of the latest terror attacks. In a twist of fate, [ Quelle coincidence!

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During Friday's exercise, trauma specialists used a centralized dispatch system to set priorities and direct victims to the ER best equipped to treat their injuries. Ambulance services made sure they were ready to roll, and hospitals verified that surgeons and staff could be quickly summoned to treat arriving victims. Because Paris emergency physicians work hour shifts, virtually every ER doctor on duty in the city Friday night had already taken part in the exercise earlier that day.

And, while we're at it, why did Building 7 collapse? Ditto the Boston bombings. Ditto the Sandy Hook Elementary School and the drill-gone-live. On April 17, the County Emergency Management Agencies within 10 miles of the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station will participate in a full scale exercise involving a simulated emergency at the plant. This exercise is mandatory and is evaluated by FEMA every two years. The Lancaster County Emergency Operations Center will be fully activated and will be simulating the steps taken during a major situation at the plant, including a simulation of the facility losing several safety systems and ending with the simulation of citizens within 10 miles of the plant sheltering in place or evacuating.

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Warning sirens will not be utilized during the exercise, but residents may see fire apparatus going through some neighborhoods to simulate the notification of citizens with special needs requirements. Hours Before the Terror Attacks, Paris Practiced for a Mass Shooting Nov - 17 Nov - Since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January…Paris-area ambulance crews and emergency personnel have taken part in regular exercises designed to test their readiness for possible attacks.

Fucktard there's a reason I don't believe in your sky fairy…after having pried the one forced up my ass out with logic and intensive study…only a moron could continue to believe that stuff.. Neither one of those is me. Who is buried in Roz Bal? Q stance for Quelle , French for source, because of a hypothesized unknown source of material used by Synoptic Gospel authors.

Nothing to do with our Q. This is a hypothetical idea, not in scripture.