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After messing around more with the Powerbooster I finally matched the clean sound amp volume with the overdriven and distorted sounds of the pedals, for which I had to turn down the volume on all gain pedals quite a bit. Before that I used a fairly quite clean sound, which I then boosted with the Boss-BD2 to match the volume of the gain pedals. Do you think with the volume being fairly low on most pedals now, this affects that interaction a lot?

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Depends on the type of gain. A booster, like the Power Boost, is or was, designed to boost or drive the front end of a tube amp so it had to have a lot of volume. Two different worlds. Yes, the volume and gain on the Power Boost interact in the way that your amp will break up sooner the higher you set the volume on the pedal.

The Black Forest is amazingly transparent and sounds phenomenal in small bedroom setups.

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The Black Forest is sadly not that well known in gear world. I came across it after purchasing the incredible Pharaoh Supreme 6-way Fuzz pedal, which is a fantastic fuzz pedal that can literally be dialed in to almost any setup. The options on the Pharaoh Supreme are endless and nearly every setting sounds wonderful. But back to the Black Forest. And the price is absolutely fantastic. It does not even come with an Owners Manual, so figuring out the 6-way depth switch can be a bit of a challenge in the beginning.

But after spending a few hours with the pedal I can almost guarantee you will be able to dial in a beautiful Gilmour-esque transparent tone that is to die for. So I cannot imagine you making a mistake buying this baby.

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The reason? I opted for the Black Forest because I already have a ton of stand-alone fuzz pedals. I hope this information helps. If you have any further questions about the Black Forest feel free to reach out to me: chris.

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Thanks, James! Looks like I might have to make some room for the Black Forest. Similar I guess to the Echoplex preamp pedals also available. Interesting that the preamp in both the Schaefer and Echoplex added enough to the tone that they are now sold separate of the actual effect they were Intended for. Thought of the hat when I saw the pic of his amps that includes the two Schaefer units sitting on the Mesa Boogie head. Angus was very much plug and play, with his Marshalls etc and the Schaefer would have coloured the tone quite a bit but David used pre-amps and lots of effects, so….

Hello Bjorn, excellent reviews of overdrive and distortion pedals. Proabaly smoother breakup, more headroom and easier to place on a large pedal board with buffers I would imagine. Did someone use the pal plexi emulator from PedalPal fx or their jcm?

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Seems to be great pedals. I just wanted to say, that the tru-fi pedals would be worth adding to your lists. Thanks for the tip, Lukas! Some guidance on an overdrive that would help me achieve this tone would be appreciated. David used the Colorsound Power Boost on that album, although there might be some amp overdrive there as well.

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He used his Hiwatts and Fender Showmans so a Twin should go nicely although it much less compressed and brighter sounding. I really like them both! Check out this feature for some tips on choosing the right pedals for different amps. The SL is super compressed and it has a lot of mid range. Very close to how a Marhsall Plexi would sound. The TDX is an overdrive, with less mid range and compression.

I ask cause it seems more difficult to get the Bananaboost shipped to my country than the Vick also a cheaper shipment with the Vick but I really desire that colorsound powerboost tone Thanks in advance! The Banana is slightly darker, with a smoother breakup and less compression. The Vick has more gain perhaps but also more compression.

I like the Banana but only because it seem to fit my guitars and amps better. See this feature for some tips on knowing what pedals to choose for different amps. Hi Bjorn, I just got a Princeton Reverb 65 reissue.

I also have a Wampler Plexi Drive I would stack with either one for a lead boost. I only play at home at fairly low amp volumes. I think all three would do nicely.

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The Princeton is a nice pedal platform. Obviously the SD1 and BD2 are two very different sounding pedals so it depends on what tones you want. Hi Bjorn. What do you think about keep two overdrive pedals in board? So, I can leave one for bases and another for solos or one for bases and another as booster for my Big Muff.

Sad, my long comment never appeared here : Will try to repeat shortly main message: first of all many thanks for such useful page! I just discovered this webpage and it is really great, very useful information for both bedroom and band players! Thank you! As I understand one of your main bedroom amps is Laney Cub?

But the problem — what pedal to choose? I am reading comments on this webpage and here are tons of questions and answers about is this or that pedal is good for Laney Cub, you answered it many times already. So you could just give a link to your article when such question appear. Reading your articles and comments I feel that RAD and Blues Driver would be a good choice, but really, you have very valuable experience, I would be happy to read about the whole spectra of your impressions on all pedals you tried with at least Laney Cub.

Hi Sergei, thanks for the kind words! Very good versions of the originals too. Happy New year Bjorn! I have a question for you. I want to replace my ts9 too thin and my BK TD too boomy. I know that is subjective but which pedal considering all the gear you having try can be the best replacement with a Fender BluesJr? Kind regards. First of all happy new year! I have been looking a lot at the Bananaboost as I would like to hit those vintage early era tones. However I am mostly a bedroom player, where i play through a Lionheart L5 studio with matching cab. My question is, do you think the Bananaboost is going to be problematic in this type of setup considering your bedroom score for this pedal, and if so, what would you recommend as an alternative if i want to stay true to those vintage tones CPB mini driver?

Happy new year Philip! Sorry for the late reply. Hello Bjorn. Thank you for the insight : I ended up buying the Boss BD2, as i could get it quite cheap. Do you also recommend the use the dirt channel on the Lionheart for the BD2? The BD2 is somewhat similar to the Tube Driver.