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Styles hasn't announced a tour quite yet, but that certainly doesn't mean he hasn't hinted at one. In a recent interview with Capital FM , the singer let it slip that he'll most likely be heading out on tour in In his Rolling Stone cover story from September, Styles gave a one-sentence overview of what we can expect the songs to tackle: "It's all about having sex and feeling sad. So I was trying to sing with all this blood gushing out of my mouth. So many fond memories, this place. The short answer is no. Styles has not explicitly revealed any additional song titles.


However, he did hint at a probable title on October 22, when he tweeted, "Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run. OK, so we know we said we don't know any of the other song titles.

  • The pop star’s second album follows recent single “Lights Up.”.
  • It's a Fine Line Between the Monkey and the Robot;
  • Lettre à un membre de lAssemblée nationale : sur la Révolution française et Rousseau (La Petite Collection t. 604) (French Edition).
  • The East;
  • Harry Styles Announces New Album ‘Fine Line’ to Drop in December.

But still, Harry managed to let us know that, yes, he does have a favorite track from Fine Line. Without revealing the title of the song, he tweeted several asterisks in place of letters. We'd try decoding it, but let's be real: He didn't give us a whole lot to work with. Unfortunately, there's been no word yet on whether or not Fine Line will include any collaborations.

But don't worry, that hasn't stopped Twitter from speculating.

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And yes, we want them all. Since the album announcement, Twitter has been inundated with theories regarding how many tracks will be included on Styles's upcoming LP. When he tweeted "," many fans added those three numbers together and took it to mean that the album will include 17 tracks. Alas, that theory has since been debunked.

A quick visit to Apple Music reveals that the album has a grand total of 12 tracks — two of which are over six minutes long! Follow us.


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