Galgenmännchen (German Edition)

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LEO allows you to search online for German translations of words in eight different languages, including English, and will offer word definitions in the opposite language without you having to choose the search direction. LEO Dictionary has a built-in voice lookup that allows you to search by simply speaking into your phone.

German learners who want to connect and chat with other learners will love the LEO Dictionary. This app is also a good choice for those who prefer talking into their phones over typing.

The Points

Babylon Translator allows you to translate German words not only into English, but also into 30 other languages! It accesses the internet to provide detailed, extensive definitions using sources from its own translation database and even websites like Wikipedia.

This multi-faceted dictionary app also offers a text translator, which can translate an English phrase into German, or vice versa. This is a very useful tool for beginners who want to look up more than just one-word terms, or for those times when you just need a quick word translation and not a detailed dictionary explanation.

Babylon also allows you to look up words by speaking into your phone. One super convenient feature of this app really stands out. If your German is advanced enough for you to read German articles online, or even if you are a beginner who likes to learn new vocabulary by reading German news, then the word-selection look-up feature of this app will be the perfect aid to your reading practice. Farlex Dictionary comes with a homepage that you can personalize to include fun stuff like a mini weather report and a word game.

A bonus is that it gives you an option to go to the definition of the word after the game is done, providing a fast and fun way to learn new German words.

This app will prove useful for advanced German learners. The German language definitions will help you improve your German knowledge, and the English translations will ensure that you understand exactly what words mean. Site: www. This helpful app offers a hugely comprehensive dictionary over 80 words and phrases! Perfect for beginners and more expert German students, Collins Dictionary includes a wide range of fun and useful bonuses, such as a Word of the Day, and several different word games: Hangman, Anagrams, and Word Scramble.

It also features a History page where you can view recent searches. And in case you want to save and remember important words, Collins Dictionary lets you create a Favorites list, where you can store words you might need to look up later. One really cool aspect of this dictionary stands out: the search filters. If learning new German vocab through games on your cellphone sounds like a dream come true, Collins Dictionary is just what you need!

In general, those who are studying German independently and like to learn through technology will get a lot out of this app.

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Es gibt einen Joker um zwei Fragenzu streichen und einen um die Frage zu wechseln. Train your brain by solving questionsin the areas of general knowledge, football, history, computer,celebrities and animals. Work your way up in the quiz game from Foolhigh to brainiac. Already more than questions are inserted andmany more to come in the next updates.

Quiz Categories Football Questions3.

Hangman - Thriller Film Complet

Computer Questions5. AnimalsThe questions are divided into 10 levels ofdifficulty. Once you've successfully resolved all 10 questions, youcan try again or select another field of knowledge in the samecategory. There is a wild symbol to emphasize two issues and tochange the question. Through each correctly answered question youwill earn points and hence you ascend in rank. The free quiz game isfully available in German and for the time being only in thislanguage. If you have questions or problems noted, do not hesitateto write to support nextwebgeneration.

The advertising is understated, who wants to remove themcompletely, can do so through an in-app purchase, which he alsosupports the project. Verbesserung der eigenen Rechtschreibung unddes kognitiven Denkens2. Jeder sollte dieses klassische Spiel ausder Schule kennen und auch die besondere Wirkung gegenLangeweile. Du kannst gegen mehrere Gegner Freunde spielen. Compete withyour friends or any player out in the classic game Hangman. It willbe played four rounds and in each round will get you and youropponent three identical words to guess.

The categories are selectedalternately, so you have the chance to select a category that isyou as well as possible and your opponent rather less. Per push message you arealways informed about the current game. Who does not want to pushmessages, you can turn off this course.

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Everyone should know this classic game from theschool and also the special effect against boredom. With the abilityto be able to challenge your friends in it, you Hangmanexperiencing in an even better and more unique way. Improve yourGerman language skills and your spelling through fun and games. Youcan play against multiple opponents friends.

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In the clearstatistics you all the facts to your finished games and also seethe direct comparison with your friends. Have fun guessing the words! Wortsalat 2 - Wortsuche 1. Die ersten sechs Kategorien sind beiSpielbeginn freigeschalten. Ist der Buchstabenicht im Wort enthalten so bekommt deine Kartoffel einen Schlag vondeinem Feind ab und du verlierst an Lebenskraft. Hier kannst du an denLebensbalken erkennen, ob du gewinnst oder verlierst.

Hangman Solver!

It's up to you to arrange the words back by solvingthe various word puzzles and find the sought words. The first sixcategories are unlocked when the game starts. In the word game youhave to solve in order to collect stars and unlock so morecategories a word. It is a word fun for adults and children,because the various categories are each divided into easy, normaland difficult words. At the beginning you choose a category and a level ofdifficulty.

The game begins and there are green circles appear,which indicate you how long is a word. These includecharacters that are not to the word, and letters that do not belongto the searched term. Click to release the boxes around the word. If the letter in the word containing as it appears on the greencircle. If the letter is not in the Word contain so get your potatofrom a blow from your enemy and you lose their vitality. By clicking on a wrong letter this is swirled,whereby it changes its position and one should just remember whichletters have already been clicked. Is there any word dissolved in acategory, so you get the stars you need to unlock more cards.

Inaddition, you can see on the progress bar, what percentage of theclass has been solved. Wortsalat 2 is a mixture of Hangman, QuizGame and crossword puzzles with funny animations and implemented bya 2D physics system. The entire crossword app has been developed inGerman and also in Germany.

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Besides the fun and brain training youcan possibly improve something even your spelling and generalknowledge. Because you have to remember the wrong letter and notthey disappear, you train with the word quiz and your short-termmemory. The app is similar as the popular classic game Hangman,because in the game instead of a gallows two potatoes to fight eachother and you solve the word must before you defeated the enemypotato. That is the number of clicks on letters to solve a word issimilar to hangman, limited. Helping funny potato to solve the wordsbefore the evil potato peeler with his inflicts significant damage.

When guessing that called up instead a battle between these twopotatoes. Here you can determine whether you win or lose at thehealth bars. The small potato would appreciate your help verypun. If you have questions, suggestions or if you have a mistake, donot hesitate to write to support nextwebgeneration.

Similar Apps Show More Wort Guru 2. Was macht Wort Guru sobesonders? Du kannst Dir so viel Zeitnehmen wie Du brauchst! Lass unszusammen Wort Guru spielen! Do you like classical word puzzles? Connect the letters and build words to get coins! It's time to discover hidden words and sculpt as many wordsas possible!

What makes word guru so special? You can take as much time as you need! Do not worry, word Guru can be played anywhere!