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Dressed in chiefly regalia, he speaks of karma and the energy of the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth dimensional frequencies, attracting both white conferees and native skepticism, all the while offering spiritual teachings that, while embracing Star Beings, veers significantly from the sensibilities of many of his own people, many of whom are Christian and therefore reject his spiritual panoply, and others who are merely suspicious. A prominent Lakota from the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana, a political activist with a direct family connection to the American Indian Movement, told us, for example, that he does not accept notions of Star People as spiritual beings, due to both his traditional Christian and native beliefs, and he said that he knows of no such beings.

This tribal person then conveyed beliefs that his people do hold regarding extraterrestrial phenomena. He went on to describe an almost supernatural encounter that he and others experienced, he said, in at a solemn ceremony dedicated to the passing of a close family member and significant native figure. The incident occurred while he and others engaged in a sweat lodge ceremony, and involved lights in the sky along with paranormal experiences that he said have continued in his life since the encounter.

To bolster his claim, he sent a clipping from that time that he said appeared in the Glasgow Courier related to the incident. The daunting premise she conveys in Encounters With Star People began in her own childhood, and is representative of many of the accounts told in her book. She went on to say that her contact with the man and woman was not an isolated event, but continued later in her life.

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One account, given by Native American hunters in Idaho, just outside Yellowstone, describes a large craft settling down in a valley and discarding a bison carcass that the hunters found the next day, surgically mutilated. The initial account in the book is told by a tribal police official and his wife, a school teacher, Tim and Sarah, whose names were changed to address their concerns about job security, according to Clarke.

The next thing they knew, the couple reported, according to Clarke, was that they found themselves inside their truck but on the other side of the road, and the cattle carcasses were gone.

Later that night, arriving at a Billings hotel, they could not account for four hours of lost time. When asked about the reception such stories, and her book, receive among the public and in academic circles, MSU in particular, Clarke told us that among Native Americans, traditional legends about Star People provide a more accepting context than among whites, and that her mother for example readily accepted the account she told her as a child—yet she was instructed not to speak of it to others because they would not understand.

Clarke said she has heard no reaction from MSU or academia, but that she has heard from people all over the world as a result of her book and has been invited to speak at conferences.

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Although retired, Clarke retains the position of Professor Emeritus at MSU, where she has established a scholarship fund. Working extensively with indigenous peoples, she has been adopted and given traditional names by the Blackfeet, Northern Cheyenne and Lakota. Her recent work published by Anomalist Books hardly fits the mainstream academic or non Indian intellectual paradigm. For years, Clarke gathered her accounts from Indians across the West and in Montana, she told us. Names of interviewees, though, are changed, and specific locations that might help identify them are left vague.

Clarke, though, crafts her book in the context of native people interacting with ancestors, Star People, chronicling previously unreported aspects of native culture, her understanding of which dates to childhood, while promising anonymity to those who told their stories so that they could speak freely. Taking a step back, let us state the obvious, that the concepts expressed here push the boundaries of what many consider reality. Some legends prove factually true, such as the archaeological discovery of the legendary city of Troy, others remain nebulous. I am from Montana and have many Indian friends and relatives.

The subject of sky people has been discussed and accepted by both Indian and white peoples in Montana. Many of us are part Indian though we look more white than the red people and almost all of us believe the old stories and yes almost. A true native will never say i look more white because we know it is only the appropriation and raping that caused a change in the complexion… next! In Bethlehem this "great light" appeared to a handful of people, a tiny "remnant of Israel": the Virgin Mary, her husband Joseph and a few shepherds.

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It was a humble light, as is the style of the true God; a little flame kindled in the night: a fragile newborn infant wailing in the silence of the world Lk 2: So it was that although the appearance of this light on earth was modest, it was powerfully projected in the heavens: the birth of the King of the Jews had been announced by the rising of a star, visible from afar.

This was attested to by some "wise men" who had come to Jerusalem from the East shortly after Jesus' birth, in the time of King Herod cf. Mt 2: Once again heaven and earth, the cosmos and history, call to each other and respond. The ancient prophecies find confirmation in the language of the stars.

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In his Commentary on Matthew's Gospel, Cromatius of Aquileia establishes a connection between Balaam and the Magi: "He prophesied that Christ would come; they saw him with the eyes of faith". And he adds an important observation: "The star was seen by everyone but not everyone understood its meaning. Likewise, our Lord and Saviour was born for everyone, but not everyone has welcomed him" 4: Here, the meaning of the symbol of light applied to Christ's birth appears: it expresses God's special blessing on Abraham's descendents, destined to be extended to all the peoples of the earth.

The Gospel event which we commemorate on the Epiphany - the Magi's visit to the Child Jesus in Bethlehem - thus refers us back to the origins of the history of God's People, that is, to Abraham's call. We are in chapter 12 of the Book of Genesis. The first 11 chapters are like great frescos that answer some of humanity's fundamental questions: what is the origin of the universe and of the human race? Where does evil come from?

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Why are there different languages and civilizations? Among the narratives with which the Bible begins, there appears a first "covenant" which God made with Noah after the flood. So Hallow'd is the Time William Shakespeare - [ ] This Happy Morn John Milton - [ ] Sing, Hevin Imperial, Most of Hicht! William Dunbar - [ ] A Partridge from 6th century Rome - [ ] Two Turtle Doves from 15th century France - [ ] Three French Hens from 16th century Italy - [ ]

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