Life in Hitlers Crosshairs

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It was remarkable because it lampooned Hitler and Nazism at a time when America was still officially at peace with Germany.

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After receiving reports of how Jews were being treated in Hitler's Germany, Chaplin insisted on releasing the film. Some argue that by satirizing the German situation, Chaplin was able to show the American audience how twisted both Hitler and his Nazi party were, and awaken the United States to join the war effort and defeat his wicked ideology.

Reportedly, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sent a personal envoy to encourage the film maker to forge ahead with the project. Satire and to a greater extend humor, has of course been used as a powerful coping mechanism by Jews for millennia. Take for example the following well known Jewish joke:.

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The congregants were shocked when they entered the rabbi's study only to see him watching Al-Jazeera, the Arab satellite news station. Are you, God forbid, some sort of a self-hating Jew? But when I watch Al-Jazeera, I see so much more: that the Jews control the American government, the banks, the media, and that we're even on the verge of taking over the entire world. Watching Al-Jazeera makes me feel a whole lot better!

This is why the French terrorists so despised Charlie Hebdo, and why in turn satire and humor are so important. Unfortunately, over the thousands of years of Jewish history, we have had to refine our senses of humor. We have struggled through trying times, but we always manage to outlast our enemies and keep matters in perspective by turning our perception of reality on its head to see what truly lies beneath by using one of our unique gifts: our sense of humor.

Some have wondered what the secret is to our survival. Perhaps a small part is owed to our sense of humor. Our ability to make light of difficult situations, to see beyond today and know that there will be a better tomorrow. That no matter how unbearable our current situation is, we will get through it and survive. And no matter how frightening our enemies may appear, we know two things: that the Jewish people will outlast them, and that a good joke will cut them down to size.

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Life in Hitler's Crosshairs

My Grandfather, the Walking Miracle. Bohemian Chanukah. Aish Academy. The practice of scapegoating is older than old. One was sacrificed to appease God, while the second was slain to pacify Azazel, an evil spirit. In an act of religious symbolism, a priest conveyed the sins of the Israelites to the goat meant for Azazel.

The unlucky goat was then tossed off a cliff [source: Encyclopaedia Britannica ].

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The first human scapegoats were mostly convicts or other outcasts. They often were herded together and forced to march down the street imbued with the sins of the rabble.

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They then were forced out of town and stoned to death [source: Campbell ]. Despite its long history, the word "scapegoat" apparently originated in , when the Oxford-educated William Tyndale translated the Bible into English [source: Campbell ]. Little did Tyndale know he would be called a scapegoat, too, when Thomas More blamed him for the Peasants' War in Germany. Scapegoating allows humans to point the finger at others instead of accepting the consequences of their actions.

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