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Time of the Twins by Kendall Jenner

Click to Read More and View Comments. Click to Hide. May Cheryl K. Donald Trump. Detroit Lions. Dwayne Haskins. Moving him to Colorado — which gets Ian Desmond out of the outfield and maybe even the starting lineup — with Rooker and Rortvedt makes sense on a few fronts. Rooker can be the first baseman in-waiting behind Daniel Murphy, and Rortvedt can firmly wedge himself into the catching conversation behind Tony Wolters. Maybe they want to take a shot on Wander Javier? The crux of the deal is moving Rosario for a controllable upper-mid-rotation pitcher like Gray.

Nature and Nurture

Gray is coming off a solid season in Colorado — 3. Wheeler is the big-ticket item here. Cole also seems almost certain to sign with the Angels or Yankees if he leaves the Astros. After going from big-time prospect to injury-prone, Wheeler has come all the way back and at 29 is coming off back-to-back seasons of 4.

He was on the cusp of 5. Smith has been absolutely terrific the last two seasons, and the sweet spot for relievers lately seems to be about two years. In that case, the Twins can bump the AAV up a little bit and get Taylor Rogers some assistance on the back end — also from the left side. One lefty of this caliber is a matchup nightmare.

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Two is simply unfair. The idea of possibly bringing back Jason Castro as the backup to Mitch Garver makes sense on the surface, but he played well enough to start somewhere this season.

My money is on the Angels. Maybe the Twins re-visit the idea of signing Robinson Chirinos, but he deserves a shot to start somewhere as well. Both hit the ball out of the park, are allergic to walking and are not necessarily defensive studs — though Rosario took a significant step back this season.

Time Twins

Garcia, meanwhile, is a Statcast darling. He hits the ball hard and is absurdly fast — which most people might not realize. Scooping him up on a one-year deal with an option carries almost no risk. Adding a 26th man to the roster allows the Twins to get a bit more creative with their bench. This also allows the Twins to stash Willians Astudillo in Rochester.

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Each could be had for similar money, if not less. Signing him to a minor-league deal allows the team to work through some roster stuff in spring training with a cramped man roster, but he should be almost a shoo-in to make the team.

Nature AND Nurture

Romo on a minor-league deal and Pineda on the restricted list keeps the man roster at exactly 40, I believe. Analysis : This is almost an exact replica of the Bomba Squad, with more positional flexibility and hopefully a healthy Byron Buxton. Analysis : What else do you want your bench to do? This would be a good way to do that. Analysis : This is primarily a group of holdovers with a little — okay, a lot — of help from the outside. It might not make people think of the Yankees, but these guys can get it done.

Woman Gives Birth to Twins — 11 Weeks Apart

And as always, it leaves room for a guy or two to pop up and make some noise. Bullpens are weird. Let him heal with your strength and conditioning people, get used to the city and the club and help you in Roster information from Roster Resource. Stats from Fangraphs, Baseball-Reference and Statcast.