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After all that settling in, you and co flyers can relax. Something secure and gets you all through a peaceful flight. When they land they forget all aboout the Regression to the Bottle. No genious or Md who graduated but never had a child, a real mom with real advice. Oh wow, so I have flown with my kids since the first was 9 months old, they now are 4 and 6. Always long haul, Me i. Australia and my family in Europe. My kids are two boys, and they can be rough and tumble boys, but even they never screamed 12 hour. One time, Granted economy, man sat on aisle seat in the front row. Youngest spilled water, flight staff attended to us.

I tried to move forward of course the moment I walk up the aisle he sticks out his legs, I go flying, my 2 year old lands head first in the wall, he is crying, I am crying the man stands up, pulls me on my hair and grabs my arm starts shaking me and yelling at me F and c word, he is in such a huff, the lady behind and Thai attendant put him into place. So who was the douchebag? My kid? This year I will fly business with my kids, because I too deserve more rest, more comfort. Makes me a better mummy.

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Will they have meltdowns, you betta, will I? But will they scream for 24 hours, nope and if they do, I hope someone has a bit more compassion and asks if they can help. After all they always behave better for someone else. Man, sounds like you are entitled and think that your kids have the right to do whatever they want in public. No wonder why people who have jobs, kids, etc…… just give a damn about themselves because you think you are the center of the world as being overly important lowlife asshole. Lousy parent you are. Gosh posts. I too have to travel in a tube at 35 thousand feet both for business and pleasure, so i can sympathy with your angst at having to put up with some childs screaming and intrusive behaviour, however as a parent with two amazing boys i also see the other side of the coin.

First of all take it as a given, we all need to get from A to B in as comfortable a way as we can afford after all money is meant to be spent, not burried with you. Now of course everybody has the same rights, the rights of one do not trump the rights of the many, that means we are all equal in the eyes of the law.

So we need to think and work for the common good, children are going to scream and cry regardless of were in the aircraft they are sat. In the comfort of a More upscale environment were there is less two and fro the children may settle down faster, less people are disturbed and it is possible to cater better to the childs needs.

Perhaps the airlines thought this out and rather than catering to Biz people the cabin is really for families and it is you who are intruding, thus it should be you who moves to the rear of the plane. Of course this is rediculus as you have paid for your ticket and are just as entitled to your seat.

I once watched a flight attendant help a young mother with her one year old, it transpired that she was returning home with her husband, he was in a casket in the. Everybody has a right to travel instead of complaining, can i join in. Post edited to fit in. OMG I just flew a 1 hour 15 minute flight with a 3 year old who screamed at an ear piercing level the entire time. I was beside myself. It literally gave me a migraine. The airlines need to have some type of restriction.

Would Bose noise cancelling headphones even block that out? I agree with you one hundred percent! They screamed the entire flight! This is outrageous! Airlines dilute their business class product by allowing infants. There should definitely be an age restriction! The flight attendant told me that they are unable, by law, to refuse to sell a business class ticket to someone with an infant.

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Movie theaters do not allow infants, and rightfully so. It would disturb the other people. The parents had the babies laying flat on the seat without a seatbelt when there was a lot of turbulence!! That is unsafe.

The parents were offered to go to economy with two bassinets , but they chose to stay with one bassinet in business class. During the night, the babies were crawling up and down the aisle making noise. This was outrageous, but predictable when flying with infants. There should be a minimum age of at least six to fly business class and premium economy! You should write a letter of complaint to El Al. Airlines have complaint portals on their websites, and they do read the letters.

Carriers will rethink these policies if enough people speak up. The way Parents raise their children is the reason how today children behave the way they do. When we were children myn brother andsister were raised in a very strict maner. No running around no crying. Today is like living in different Universe, a shame.

Go any public place and you will Hvw to put up with that.

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I agree mostly : restrict premium and business to children 5 years and older to make things better. At that age they are more self-aware and can be disciplined. Children under 3 can be especially hard to control and impossible to reason with. I have a 2 year old and in full tantrum, there is not much you can do.

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Distraction works some of the time. I can sympathize with that lady and the screaming toddler. What is the procedure for oxygen masks when a child is seated in a separate pod, and the parent cannot assist while maintaining their own mask and seat belt? My children when young were well behaved when flying, regardless of class of seating.

They much preferred first or business class however because they appreciated the service and the space. Maybe the airlines should be the ones doing MORE for their youngest passengers, not sticking them in a crowded room to scream together. Maybe handing each child passenger a tablet preloaded with movies, games, apps for children. Maybe offering some in-flight entertainment like a magician or person showing science experiments.

Maybe use some of the bar space for a jungle gym so kids have an area to get the wiggles out would be a better option. Maybe for flights over a certain length, a child coordinator should be added to the flight staff to help accommodate the needs of parents and children. You really think that airlines should spend the money to put a magician on every flight just to entertain the children that the parents should be taking care of? Why should the airlines pay to put a whole person onto every flight just to distract your screaming children?

This is my second flight where there was a family of 5 in first class both case the kids are all under Stop being selfish and self-absorbed parents. If you used your status to upgrade, then shame on you. Talk to your kids and tell them what is expected form them on a plane. Then book the far back row of the plane.

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Invest in a good pair of noise reduction headphones. Tune into some music or a film and forget about the outside world. Nor if it is worth the money to spend on it.

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Secondly, the only way to stop this dilemma is to put these kids in the cargo hold instead. How about having that in the back of a plane, with some noise absorbent walls?